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Finding time in the business of life

I have come to a grinding halt in the last four weeks. I went out four weeks ago for run and had to stop after 10 mins with leg pain. I waited for a week before thinking of running again, but walking ever day with my 12 mth old dog.

I need to find time in my schedule again as winter is here in Australia it is even harder to get out there in the cold to go running. I will have to find a lunch to run this week.

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I must say that I am at that point again of trying to find time and energy to run again. It has been four weeks since I last ran. I started to run again in late November and revisited the last couple of weeks of Couch25k and then ran fairly well until school started here in Australia. there just wasn't time int he morning and it has been fairly hot here since. Even in our Autumn. I saw recently that Run in the Park is starting in Tamworth so I am hoping that we as a family can be involved in that.

I running time is about 45 mins to cover 5kms so I decided to up the ante and see if I could start training to run 10km. Found a great app for this with time prompts but alas time is now my problem.


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