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Week 8 complete - just! (2nt attempt to blog)

Don't know why but today was very hard. Heat maybe. Stats for today not quite as good as last run? Mostly cos I couldn't speed as much on the last stretch. Still I pushed through and finished, even if I couldn't quite keep up with hubbie! This is how I felt:

1-5 mins - what am I doing?

8-12 mins settled down a bit

14 mins - go faster Laura? You got to be kidding!

23 mins - I'm sure I got quicker here last time, there's no way I can today!

27 mins- a bit faster but I can't breath, slow down , don't stop!

Still I did it so onto week 9. Eek! I'll just put today down to a not such a good one!

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I had a poor jog today. When Laura said I ONLY had 5 mins left I also gave up...the previous 5 went so slowly. It was so warm too! Glad I wasn't the only one suffering today


My internal monologue sounds quite similar to your when I'm running! I'm always surprised by my willpower though. You've only got one more week to go, wow! Good luck :)


I'm always shocked when L tells me 14 mins. I feel like I've been running for ever! And your internal conversation is MUCH more polite than mine :-0


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