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W8R1 done :-)

After a break of nearly 2 weeks due to weather and work and other silly excuses I got out there this morning and did my first 28 minute run. It was nice and breezy out there so that helped. I ran 3.7km which gives me a target of 4km for my week 9 runs!

I enjoyed the run and was annoyed with myself that I hadn't been out for so long. I've been doing other exercise though so my fitness was still good. I only struggled at the end when I went a bit faster and then I realised there was a hill coming so had to slow down. I felt a bit dizzy but I carried on as I knew I only had a minute to go. I was fine once I got into my cool down walk.

Bring on W8R2!

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Hats off to you! I think that the longer you ( one) goes without a run the harder it is psychologically to make yourself go out. Sounds like this was a good one though and best of luck for the rest of the programme.


Thanks - I'm determined not to have any more than two rest days between runs until I graduate now!


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