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Have you had any foot pain during rest days?

I am on week 6, taking 8 weeks to get here as i have repeated weeks when felt like i needed. I feel fine while running, but after sitting or reclining, particularly when I wake up in the morning, i have a sharp foot pain that alleviates as I move around or stretch my feet. Until then i find myself hobbling to get about. Thanks for any input you may have.

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Just a thought, but have you considered that your running shoes might be a problem? You may find that unsupported shoes mean than your foot is falling awkwardly during running, so undue strain is happening to different/awkward areas of your foot. This may result in bruising and pain which manifests once you are no longer running. Consider having your gait analysed at a proper running store. It's quite painless and usually a free service without obligation.

Alternatively, it may just mean that you are putting undue pressure on certain areas of your foot when running, which could be alleviated by slightly different lacing of your shoes. Take a quick look at this website - it shows how different lacing techniques might make a foot more comfortable:

Hope you soon find the cause and a cure for your feet, as you'll be wanting to continue your C25K challenge soon!

Take care, Linda :)


Thank you! I will look into all of those ideas!


Wow, I'm really surprised to learn I have a high instep and high arches. I changed my lacing around and will see what happens. Thank you again!


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