Wk6 lives up to it's name!

I found once i got into the swing of run 1 (5 mins) was enjoyable and run2 (8 mins) great. Then I got to the last run of 5 mins and towards the end I couldn't wait to finish, felt like I'd done a really tough workout! I was praying for it to rain as I was so hot and it was so humid. It's still dark but nothing yet. Gosh hoping for rain what has happened to me!? I was talking to my friend before I went on the run and he looked at me if I was mad, running? and in the rain?? he said he was jealous as he couldn't run. I said I bet you can and mentioned this programme but didn't convince him, oh well.

All in all it was a good run, everything just falling into place, at last. My leg is still stiff, don't know when it will ever feel right, but it's not getting worse. I think it would be ten times worse without my foam roller.


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  • It's funny how week 6 surprises after W5R3, I think it's to let a know to take it easier in the longer runs, enjoy, not long now :-)

  • Thanks Phil, maybe it's the intervals, I just get in a groove and then have to stop!


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