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Week 6 Run 3 OMG!

Well I want to say I ran for 25 minutes, but my Podcasts don't seem to be working quite righr, when the time is ticking by the seconds are going very quickly and what I thought was 25 minutes was in fact only 20! Has anyone else experienced this happening?

By the state of me though I thought it should have been 25 minutes, the last 5 minutes I thought I was going to throw up there and then and it was all on the flat! I didn't though and carried on. I don't think I left enough time after my cornflakes, I've discovered I need to leave about 3 hours after eating before I run.

I'm hoping to go out again tomorrow evening for another 25 minutes making sure this time that it is that long. Hope I feel better than Saturday and even worse there will be a couple of inclines :-/

Any suggestions re the podcast gratefully received.

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I don't think I checked how long the podcasts were - I just assumed they were right! That sounds very frustrating!

If you feel sick, it might not be the eating beforehand - you could just be pushing the pace a little bit too much? Maybe hold back a little bit, and see if that helps? Especially if you're including some slopes - slopes are best dealt with by slowing down a bit (eg by shortening the length of step, so the overall effort level is about the same, but you go a bit slower).

Good luck for your next run. :)


I've read some blogs, where people have said that their iPhone can play the podcasts slightly faster, so end up being shorter, so if your using an iPhone or iPod touch check f your playing them at faster than normal speed.

Good luck on your next run :-)


Hi Phil, yes I am playing them on an iPhone, but is there a way of sorting it out, I'm not very good at IT!


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