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Crunched ankle, how long to wait?

Started week 7 run1 today and it didn't go well. After working 2 very long night shifts I headed out in a bit of a grump and by 7 mins in was feeling a bit deflated (and knackered lol). At 10 mins I managed to stumble and twist my ankle so had to give up and limp home :( Feeling really disappointed in myself as I just know I went out with the wrong attitude and almost feel like going out and having another go. Problem is ankle is very nicely swollen although it doesn't hurt too much at the mo. Is tomorrow to soon to have another go?

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If it is still swollen I would leave it for a bit. The worst thing you could do would be to make it worse then be out the programme for longer. If you follow the tags on here you should find some good advice re twisted ankles, usually involving resting, icing, compression and elevation (RICE). Good luck. :)


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