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Do heavy/tired legs go away, or should I be doing something in particular?

I've started getting very tired/heavy/achey calves and ankles for a few weeks now after about the first 5 mins (I'm on week 7) Do they go away on their own, or do I need to be concentrating on (actually doing) the strength and flex to toughen them up a bit? My legs have always been the strongest part of me, but I think running is a bit of a shock for them. Anything else I can do to help them as I'm worried they will hold me back from greater distance?

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Hi lizfish firstly congrats on reaching week 7. I have just completed W5R1 (this is my second time of doing C25K the last time I managed to reach this same week 5 as well and then 'stuff' got in the way. The first time I attempted it, I always had heavy, tired legs, this time around, however, I have been doing strength training (body weights) on my days off, especially squats and calf raises and I have noticed a vast improvement. Perhaps you could include some of these. You don't need to go to the gym, just attempt two lots of 15-20 squats and 20-25 calf raises with 30 second breaks in between. These, along with other bodyweight exercises have definitely helped me. Hope this helps.


Thanks kaycee, that's really helpful. I kinda knew the answer I think, just wanted to make it to hadn't missed something.


Ha ha, it's always good to get a second opinion - not saying I'm an expert just know what worked for me. The good thing about these two exercises are you can do them almost anywhere/anytime, I sometimes do them whilst watching the tele! Good luck with your running. K


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