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Have you ever had one of those workouts where your mind is psyched to go but your body just doesn't want to cooperate? Well that was me on my run today.

I had actually been looking forward to my run all day (what??) and set out feeling positive and excited for my workout. Halfway through the first 3mins I started feeling pretty tired and my leg muscles were burning so I had to slow it down to a crawl but did manage to keep going. The first 5min run was definitely the most challenging interval I've done so far since I started C25K and I came the closest to stopping during the running.

I pushed through it hobbling along and then oddly enough, during the second 3mins I started getting into a rhythm and felt okay. The last 3 and 5min runs were way more doable than the first two and usually it's the other way around for me, the harder intervals tend to be at the end of the workout.

Overall, I'm happy that I rose to the challenge today even though it was much harder physically to complete for some reason.


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What a great feeling of achievement - well done for sticking with it :-)


Thanks, it does feel good to push through the rough patches and complete the run, although barely.


I know the feeling - I should be going out for week 4 run 3 today but at the minute the rain is torrential here so it looks like I may have to delay it a while...

The 5 minute runs are tough, and I can't stop myself from thinking 'how the hell am I supposed to do this non stop for 30 minutes if 5 is so exhausting?' I know i'm just building stamina and it will come with time, but this is the first week I have felt like giving up before the 5 minutes are over. I haven't (so far) but it feels like an eternity waiting for Laura to tell me to slow down.

And when she interrupts half way through to tell me i'm only half way through - well, I feel like screaming at her!

But on the positive side, I have successfully completed the first 2 runs, so I know the barrier is a mental one rather than a physical one.I've been doing all the weeks twice so I'm going to try and throw in a few more week 4 runs this week to increase stamina. We'll get there!!

Good luck with run 3 :)


I also wonder how I am going to run for 30mins. Actually I wonder how in the heck I'm going to go 8mins and then 20?! in week five, seems like quite a jump! We will indeed get there, just got to trust the program I suppose.


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