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(think) I'm (possibly) running again (:

I haven't run for a month. I've been given an insulin pump and had to stop exercising for 2 weeks, then I felt so **** I couldn't get back into exercising. Today, I was awake at 5am and, after playing Zookeeper on my phone and not getting back to sleep, I noticed a big yellow thing in the sky, so I went for a run. I did part of my old route, (a slightly hilly lane), & ran for 1/2 an hour. I'm really pleased that I could keep going. I'm sure I was quite slow, but so far, my knee feels o.k. I had an xray which showed only age-related deterioration, and I'm waiting for the results of an MRI scan. Last week, I did my Keep Fat(!) Class and was restricted ny my knee quite badly, so I really hope the scan shows a problem, so I can do something about it!!!!

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So sorry to read you've not been well Stayinbed, was just wondering how you were doing (we graduated around the same time). Glad to hear you enjoyed your run and hope you can get back into it regularly. :-)


Well good for you, you didn't stay in bed this morning then did you stayinbed!?! ;) I just love that name. Hope your feeling OK after the run, your back out there and hopefully things will get better from now on. Let us know how the MRI scan goes, did they sugget knee strengthening exercises to be going on with? Take care.


Thanks for your comments. I'm deffo going to carry on running. I was really glad to get as far as I did, I thought after so long doing nothing, I'd only manage a few yards! I've only seen a g.p, who wasn't really any help at all. The back of my knee is slightly swollen, and I expected to be given exercises, but no, I had to have the scan. I'll let you know how it goes!


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