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Completed C25K three weeks after graduation!

When I started on this program, I thought I was going to run for 5 kilometres at the end of the program. But I soon realized that I will be prepared to run for 30 mins, hopefully completing 5 kms in that period. But, no, I could barely manage 4 kms when I completed my graduation.

In a way, I really completed the program today - I felt good enough to continue running for 5 kms in a time of 36'17"

The weather was better - close to 30C, but there was a light breeze almost all the time I was running. After completing the 4 kms (in less than 30 mins), I felt good enough to continue to run for an additional 1K. Yay!

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You've done well. Congratulations!


Brilliant running! Ooof - only 30C... Wonder how fast you'd be at 17C? Like lightning! :)


Brilliant! You give me inspiration, as I am about to start week 6 and I'm proud of my progress but a bit concerned that my distance is never more than 3.5 k.


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