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Friday 10.5.13 - 10.00am. Completed B210K week 3, run1. Ventured onto some new tracks through the woods, went at snails pace up an awesome hill, (thought 'if I go any slower I will stop, no I'm not going to stop..) Kept going through the cool down. That's 3 lots of 17 minutes, plus an extra 5 minutes running. That's 56 minutes running with just 2 minutes walking. Went into shock. WHO is this person doing this?? Golly, I ache, golly my throat hurts. I hope I'm not going to be ill - what about the running??

7pm - Dragged to the swimming pool as daughter has friend staying and they really wanted to go. Managed 8 lengths, boy am I tired, and boy does my throat hurt.

Saturday - pooped, really pooped

Sunday - in bed, head cold, blocked up nose etc, not on this planet

Monday - 'I should be out running!' 'Golly I feel ill', lots of pill popping

Tuesday - Out of bed, onto the couch. Caught up with reading all those wonderful, inspiring blogs, thanks guys, glad you are all out there, better than medicine! 'Will I be well enough to run tomorrow?' I hope so. I'm missing it, it's now part of my life - how did that happen??

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Get well soon, petal! You sound properly poorly.

I totally identify with the "Who is this person doing this?" bit. It's all very wonderful and strange!


Thanks greenlegs. Going to try a gentle jog this morning, see how it goes, I'm still a bit bunged up but maybe the heavy breathing will clear it!!

Yes, this running is a wonderful thing, and it's amazing what your body adjusts to and becomes capable of doing. I just wish the weather would improve, more wind and rain is very off putting, I had enough of that during the 9 weeks of c25k!


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