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Week 2 run 3 - no real problems up to this point (other than a disbelief that I could ever

run for 30 minutes non-stop) then during run 3 this morning suddenly started to getsharpish but low level pain around back half of my right foot just below the ankle level, was only happening on the runs not the walks. I've paid a lot of attention to ensure I am landing correctly so hopefully this is just a grumble from a 53 year old ankle that last ran about 40 years ago - does this sound about right or should I be concerned? I'm fairly fit so did not anticipate an injury at such an early stage - fingers crossed.

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I've had odd twinges off and on (similar age and state of ankles), but they have always gone away before the next run, and haven't developed into anything worse. A couple of times I delayed the next run for a day or two, rather than risk trouble. Touch wood, no serious problems so far (Dec-May). Does it sound a bit like an achilles tendon problem (I'm guessing, I really don't know)? Take care, as they can take ages to heal up.

Maybe try slowing down a bit, if you can? (Always my first thought!) When you say landing correctly, do you mean avoiding heel striking (Laura recommends heel striking on two of the podcasts, but I can't remember which ones - that now seems to not be recommended.)

Sorry if that's only repeating things you've already found out. Hope it gets better soon.


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