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Is It Just Me?

As a treadmill runner, I find that either my mind wanders or I get fixated on one thing while I am running. For example, I can take off my glasses and just run, thinking about nothing in particular. Other times though, random thoughts pop into my head and it affects my rhythm. I can be going along quite happily, then all of a sudden I think "oh my breathing is is really good today" and then I start to alter my breathing which then upsets my feet! I start taking larger, deeper breaths which makes me take longer or more bouncy steps - so odd! It's like I start to over think what I'm doing which ruins the natural flow of just running.

I'm hoping that as I have left Lovely Laura for my own music playlist, I can concentrate on the lyrics rather than my pace / rhythm / breathing / arms swinging. Does anybody have any tips for either concentrating my mind (bearing in mind that I cannot see a thing without my glasses on so watching TV / other people is out) or just zoning out?

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I'm an outside runner. So I cannot comment on inside distraction techniques.

Sometimes I struggle to turn my head off - I start listing jobs and over analysing things. I find when I do that my head tenders to drop so I re- focus but looking into the distance and taking note of my surroundings.

I also run with my dog. Just watching him trotting along is motivating and his excitement for just outside is a boost to smile and keep going.


You said it......Music is the best distraction. and it's soothing too. Or what I do sometimes is think of the workout routine I'm going to follow that day and go through it over and over in my head, so that I don't waste time thinking what to do next once I'm off the treadmill.


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