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Anyone have good route suggestions for running in Regents Park?

I just completed my first ever C25K run today (yay!) and found it really exhilarating. I chose to run in Regents Park and, even though I really enjoyed the sites and the many open spaces, I found I came across a few bits where it got congested with people (i.e. around the zoo) or where I was in the middle of my 60-second run and had to cross a road and look out for cars. I don't know the park all that well yet so I kinda went into my run "blind", which explains it, I guess - but I'm keen to avoid these minor hiccups for my future runs in order to get the most from each one. Anyone have good route suggestions, at least to suit the first couple of weeks where you have to alternate quite a bit between running and walking?

Thanks in advance!

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Can't help you with a route but WELL DONE YOU for getting through your first run. The hardest part is getting out of the door!


I cant help but it may be worth having a play with planning a route on Goodrouteguide run planner or map my run, they won't show you where the crowds will be but with the satellite view you may be able to spot the trouble spots which can be avoided, happy running, Ally x


I've only run a couple of times there and I found the bottom part towards Euston Rd was fairly quiet but that was during the week. If you google 'regents park running' you'll get a link to the royal parks website page for RP and there's a leaflet with suggested running routes from beginner to advanced. May also be worth asking at the Hub in the park for their advice.

I run on Hampstead Heath usually and weekends, especially sundays are busy especially at entrances to the park. So you may find that its much quieter during the week. Well done on starting the program. Good luck & enjoy it.


Thank you everyone for your tips and encouragement! Just had my second run this morning and off to work now - feeling so much better ahead of a long day! :) Definitely less busy in the park during the week, although still plenty of runners in the early hours!


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