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week 4's coming - nervous!

So this morning I completed week 3. I would be lying if I said it was easy, but I kept going and completed the runs. Now I'm looking at week 4 and wow! What a jump! I am very apprehensive about starting week 4 - it just seems like a whole lot of running. I'm putting all my trust into the podcasts though - so week 4 bring it on!... I think...

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Congratulations on finishing week 3! Don't worry about week 4, just keep listening to Laura and put one foot in front of the other, you will do it :-) All the work you have done in the last 3 weeks has prepared you for week 4, you will be fine, just take one run at a time.

Happy running


Hey, im on week 5, and I was just like you, nervous about the jump in times, but you'll be fine, honest. Its amazing how you can't imagine yourself doing it each week and all of a sudden its past and you did it. Well done getting through each week.


thank you both :) i did week 4 run 1 this morning - it was going good until the last 5 minute run and i had to really force myself to keep going. i did keep going though and feeling really proud of myself! :) thank you for your comments :)


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