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What running should I do this week as I am planning to go on a walk with my ramblers club on Sat?

I have completed 3 week 1 runs last thursday, saturday and monday and am planing on going on my 1st week 2 run today (Weds 8th May).

I am also planning on going on a walk with my ramblers walking club on saturday- 12 km, duration 5 hrs, total ascent 305m to max ht. 90m.

I will definitively take a rest day after my walk and resume running next monday. However I dont really want a 4 day running gap between the weds and monday runs- granted I am doing some exercise walking.

If I was to do a running session on friday, would it be advisable to continue on the week 2 schedule the day before my walk or should I either do a reduced week 1 run or even less (maybe half or 2/3 of a session) or would it be better to take the full 4 days without running

Advice please

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Hmmm, well, I am by no means a graduate but I do like walking too and it seems to me that you are doing quite a long walk on Saturday so you will be getting plenty of exercise then. This suggests to me that you have a decent underlying level of fitness so I think that I would suggest that you do W2 R1 today, R2 on Friday and then R3 next Monday or Tuesday, depending on how tired you feel from the walk. If you look at the programme in the long run ( ho ho) a bit of jigging the days about isn't going to make a great deal of difference, I think. Best of luck for W2 and enjoy your walk on Saturday.


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