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C25K Week 8

Just about to launch into Week 8 runs. I can't believe that I can run for 25 mins now. I started following the podcast on Feb 11th and could barely walk up the 3 flights of stairs to my flat afterwards. I now have my routine and rest days sorted and have made a pact with a really supportive friend that I will join her on a Park Run as soon as I have completed Week 9. For those just beginning I found week 5 & 6 quite tough and did run 2 of both those weeks twice to set me up for the longer runs. I was quite sceptical about completing the schedule as I was a complete couch potato but am proof that this really does work.

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Enjoy your last two weeks! I found weeks 7 and 8 hard work, and would probably have benefited from 2 rest days between some of the runs.

Not long until you have a green graduate badge next to your name now! :)


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