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W6R1 done!


For some reason I wasn't in the mood for running when I got home from work last night which is unlike me so I did the run this morning instead. This was my first Saturday run and it was good as there wasn't much traffic about (is it just me who gets stuck waiting for a green man when Laura says run?). Not many people about either although saw a few of my bus stop friends.

It was really windy on my warm up walk but it calmed down. The first five minute run was hard but by now I know that is always the case. Got into the eight minute run quite well. The wind helped and made me feel energised. Just remembered to breathe in my nose and out of my mouth when it got tough. The second five minute run was fine. Felt great on the warm down walk.

This was my longest run - 4km and I burnt over 200 calories so a bottle of wine is well deserved tonight I think!

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Nice running! I find I end up breathing in through my mouth when I'm pushing it a bit - but to be honest, I stop thinking about how I'm breathing, and just let it happen!

Enjoy the well-earnt wine! :)


Very well done - I agree with you about the first five minutes ( although there's also a bit in the middle of the longer runs when I find myself thinking ' when is this going to end' although it doesn't last long. Like Greenlegs, I'm a mouth breather too - various sinus problems in the past have left me with a blocked nose so I just have to try to spit out the insects that fly in as I puff my way around! Best of luck for the rest of the week.

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