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Couch to 5K
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post run stretching - this is what I've found helps me avoid stiffening up too much

Stretch, stretch & stretch again is a definite must - especially in the early weeks to get your leg muscles used to it all.

I'm not sure if this is right or wrong - but this is what I do

For lower leg - I stand on the 1st step as if I about to go up them - with both feet on the same step and heels over the back - then lower my heels so they are below my toes - GENTLY this should stretch and pull on the calf muscles - both legs at the same time and hold for a slow count of 5. Then move to a kind of a cycle motion so bending one knee and going up on tiptoes then back down and up with the other knee - again GENTLY to avoid any damage. then repeat both for 3 or 4 times.

For thighs - I stand on my left leg with my left hand on the wall for support - lift my right foot behind and grab my toes with the right hand - while still holding the toes push my knee out behind me and can feel the tops of my thighs pulling - again this is a hold for a slow 5 - turn around and repeat on the other leg - then do both legs 3 more times.

The hamstrings - sitting on the floor - toes up or bent back if I can, and reach both hands to my left foot & holding for another slow 5 - then back up and down to the other foot.

then a hot bath/shower and usually repeat the stretches before bed / later in the day.

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