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MENTAL block !!!!

Wk 8 run 1 = Disater this morning :(

Thought I would change tack and change my running field = BIG MISTAKE for me. As I walked out onto the field, it seemed huuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh. 10 minutes in and I was dying, I had to stop and walk, and because I stopped to walk I could not get going again, so I turned and walked back to the car, I was very upset and angry at myself, I could have cried ..... but I did'nt ...... lol ......

Looking back at it now I think I started at a faster pace then I normally do, because the field was just this mass of distance ..... Oh and lots of dog walkers! (but I'm also one of them, so I won't moan, but it was 6:10 am, come on !!!! - only joking ;) )

Anyway I have now decided to go back to my old field, and go back to running in circles to-morrow to start this week again:)

On the plus side, just received a text to say my mate 'Garmin' will be arriving to-day, one day earlier than scheduled, so someone is on my side to-day, looking forward to his early morning company :D

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Don't worry gmab51. Week 8 sucks (see my old blogs). I promise that by the end of the week it'll just gel and all will fbe well. Promise!

Good luck, Delia :-)


It really is a mental challenge now! I'm certain I would balk at one vast field too - I like interval targets in my head to mark off my progress: things like corners of roads, huge trees, bridges, bus stops .... anything, in fact, to prove to myself that progress can be mentally ticked off! The down side of interval targets is that if ever you have a bad run/lead legs/breathlessness etc the target becomes associated with that event ... bad vibes! Maybe you can do your old, familiar field in reverse for a change of perspective?

Enjoy your Garmin ... hoping to get one soon. Look forward to hearing how you both complete this dreaded week and get into graduation countdown :)

Good luck, Linda


Oh Delia, thank you so much, I've just read your blogs for week 8, they did make me chuckle especially your 6 Nov 2012 blog when you stated .... 'yeah let's shoot the Gremlins, Wyatt Earp where are you?' ...... Well I may not be an Earp, but I am most defiantly a Wyatt :D ..... I will get through this week, I will get through this week ..... ;)

And LMS2110, I think I work the same way as you. I'm going back to my faithful and trusted field to-morrow, I don't think I'm ready to venture into the big wide world just yet! I going back to where I know my targets as the top bend where the 5 minute warm up walk ends, pass the doggie poo bin, then the chained together football posts, pass the rugby post, pass the rugby changing rooms ;), down to the end flood light, round the bend (the early rising sun warms your face at this point) down to the football pitch corner, then back up the straight stretch again ..... I know it off by heart, why oh why did I change what works for me...... lmao ......

Thank you both so very much for your words of support ....... Wyatt's going to nail this week :) x x x Now how do I work this 'Garmin'!!!!! ..... lol


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