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Trials and procedures

Has anyone researched the valves vs LVR? Looking to me like these could be a non evasive procedure to help those of us in end stage category.

I would live to hear other trials researched.

Followed the Neumo could for a while , I think they faded out in US.

Thanks !

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Looked into several years ago and found that procedure was originally created and used for stopping air leaks after LVR. Trial studies weighed the pros and cons and did not approve. Then the powers that be came up with a new use. Place several valves in the lungs to redirect air flow. The possible side effects and a 30% danger rate for infections, etc, convinced me not worth the risks involved.

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Thanks MaryAnne, yes the numbers seem pretty chancy. Looked into the Neumo RX coils as well. I'm 69 a little too old for LVR I believe.

Still hoping they come up with something less evasive than a full LVR.



I empathize with you. I am 75 and seems the only alternatives to LVR are too risky. I stop researching valve placement a couple of years ago. Regardless of the different medical valves they all had the same high risks problems. Piercing the lung if valve dislodges. 30% rate of infections and/or pneumonia, etc. With the valve the patient's private insurance must pay all medial costs associated with the known and projected issues.


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