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COPD results

Could someone please interpret or explain my spiro results to me please as my COPD nurse could not be bothered when I asked how bad my COPD is. The results were Fev1 1.50(63%). Fev6 2.40(85%) and Fev1/fev6 2.40(85%) does this mean my lungs are functioning At 63%?

And what stage of COPD do I have. Any advise or information gratefully accepted. Thanks C

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There are 4 stages of COPD. The FEV1 % is the number that is used to calculate what stage you are in.

Stage 1, Mild, FEV1 is 80% or higher

Stage 2, Moderate, FEV1 is 50 - 79%

Stage 3, Severe, FEV1 is 30 - 49%

Stage 4, Very Severe, FEV1 is below 30%. Attached is a link explaining the stages.

Hope this helps. You appear to be in stage 2. The best advice I can give you is exercise, walk, stay as active as possible, because this is what will help keep the lung function you have working as long as possible. The more you do, the more you will be able to do.


Thanks will do.


The interpution of my test is: Though post-bronchodilator FEV-1/FVC ratio is 73.5%, the patient's

predicted is 85.5 so patient does have obstructive lung disease by lower limit

of normal criteria.

So would this put me into stage 2


I am Fev1 61% and my consultant told me I have Mild COPD?


I'm not sure. I can't figure how you are in stage 2. Then again, I can't figure numbers from spirometers out myself, so maybe someone else can help you. I'm just sorry you are here...and have copd.

God bless,



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