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Could I please ask a very polite question? I'm from the UK (sorry) reading posts from other countries, even from my own sometimes, the text gets lost in non translation of abbreviations, my apologies for sounding ill educated but where I'd like to give the benefit of what little experience I have re COPD (I know this one) lol (and that one) it just helps that's all. Many thanks and have a free breathing weekend. ❤

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  • Hi are you on the British Lung Foundation site as well? Most of the people on there are Brits and someone put a pinned post up explaining abbreviations which is very useful.

  • Oh I will take a look at the British Lung Foundation sight and thanks x

  • I am from the USA. I know a few of the abbreviations: PFT is pulmonary function test, SOB is short of breath, PC is primary care doctor, O2 is oxygen, CO2 is carbon dioxide (what you dispel when you exhale). Those are all I can think of without looking through all the posts. I hope I have helped just a little.

    By the way, you actually sound very well educated (you can't find the answer if you don't ask the question).

    If you don't find all you are looking for on the British post, maybe post a list of them on here?

  • Many thanks for responding. I think some of our abbreviations translate across exactly as yours do, it's just a few that don't and PVT was one but it all makes sense now.

  • Hi

    It's my pinned post, complied as a request from members, with many members making contributions


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