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Hi I have COPD, diagnosed in 2011. Struggling to stay working, the company has allowed me to work from home and only go in on occassion. Don't know how long I will manage even with this privilege. The stress I used to live for is now becoming overwhelming, I'm exhausted all the time. Going from super active to being at home all the time is hard to accept...and yes the Canadian winters do not help. I guess I am wondering if anyone here has alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency causing the COPD.

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Yes - I do. Even though my numbers are not high enough for infusions, this is a horrible disease. I was in the hospital twice last year, the last time very serious. As long as I am sitting I am ok, but walking around is horrid ! Best wishes to you.


This is for you and Ginfaulk, we have to keep moving even if it's just a little now and later, as much as possible, it's true with this damn disease it's move it our lose it. When I don't feel well and spend most of the day sitting the next day is he'll to move so keep moving

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Sorry to hear your struggling its hard going from being able to run around to not i hope you get sorted soon


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