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Secondhand smoke and COPD

I have never smoked cigarettes, except experimentally as a teen. A friend who was with me said my face turned green.

But, both my parents smoked. Mom smoked during all five of her pregnancies

Many of my friends were smokers, including boyfriends. My son's father smoked. When I was 30 I worked in an office without windows with smokers. My issues with congestion started being noticeable around then.

I actually don't think I have COPD since I am not that disabled. The coughing with mucus is very bothersome, but it doesn't prevent me from exercising quite a bit, and I think Yoga helps. Anyway, what I am getting at--I wonder if inhaling 2ndhand smoke, over so many years, caused lung damage, and my symptoms. And I wonder if this could be common with those who have COPD. What about you?

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That is a lot of smoke over the years...and the coughing with mucus seems a bit worrisome. I would see your Dr. and discuss it. The earlier you know the better to treat it and have positive response. Your exercising and yoga is great but I would still want to know.


I am more into alternative treatments, myself. Right now I am getting good results with diatomaceous earth, which is the best source of silica. Here is a quote found online:

Research has found that people who are suffering from chronic coughing, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (also known as COPD), emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory problems may be able to treat their health problems by using a daily silica supplement that contains live organic silica. Living silica is used by the body’s respiratory system to help maintain the health of the pharynx, larynx, nose, and lung tissues. It is directly responsible for maintaining and restoring elasticity throughout the entire respiratory system. Besides maintaining elasticity, silica is also known for its abilities to reduce inflammation, lessen the severity and longevity of asthma attacks, suppress chronic coughing, and help treat bronchitis.

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So what exactly is this item, and where do you get some?


My mom smoked through her 5 pregnancies too. She smoked a pack a day. My dad smoked two packs. My brother and I began smoking too. I've smoked a pack a day since age 12. Minnesota raised the tax on cigerettes so high that it was cheaper to smoke pipe tobacco. Four years of inhaling pipe tobacco really amplified my COPD. Mucus thinners, inhalers, Nebulizers. Suffocating and feel like your breathing through a straw. It sucks.


Yikes, hope you find relief.


Yes, second hand smoke is definitely a cause of COPD. My parents never smoked but everyone else around me did. I was recently diagnosed at age 77 and am very angry about it. Anyone else know how to help with these feelings?


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