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Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my post & for the information you gave in your replies. I had an appointment today at the Respiratory Medicine Clinic. My lung function results were about the same as they were in April, so I suppose that's good news?? They had forgotten to order a chest X Ray for me! I did have one eventually, but I would have liked the results today. Instead I have got to wait for a letter to come! It's like being back in the dark ages, before the internet & emails! Joking aside, it doesn't exactly give me confidence in the department.

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Can you go to a site where you can see all the results of blood work and chest X rays and such (some are like from your doctors office or hospital), like where I live at I have one at our local hospital; one where my lung specialist is out of; one at the hospital my chest X rays are done; one where my other doctors are at & such; just more so wish they could all be linked together instead of numerous different ones... Hopefully you can get something like that where you are from (that way then you can see what is being said, even though you may not know what the medical terms are) -can always look things up also-but then it may also help you when seeing your doctors...Hope this helps...

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