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'recently I have been having very bad oxygen levels although I'm on oxygen 24/7 @6 lmp. I sometimes would have to raise it to eight thinking my cat may have put a hole in my line again which has happened before ,well I also have liquid for play and Dr.appointments it travels much better pure 100% oxygen and weights much less then tanks at my level of six tanks they don't last over a half hour ,and liquid last four hours or more anyway I found this product and it may help people in the same situation that I have been having ,even when sitting in the house at rest my oxygen was very low in the seventies sometimes then would go back up to the nineties but just foe getting up and walking in the kitchen it would go back down to maybe into the eighties well becoming over weight and not being able to work out to well lately I bought this elastic wrap that is supposed to help u losses weight by just wrapping it around your waist and chest area well while doing so I noticed my oxygen levels improve to high nineties from maybe 89 to 95 -97 all I can say is wow " it works it must ad the sponge back to your lungs and let you get better control of your carbon dioxide retention , I don't know but it seems to be working ,

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  • That's great. I say whatever helps. Take care.

  • I use a wrap designed for rib injuries. They are more comfortable. It really helps me tremendously. I think it forces you into a better posture position, thus opening the airways. However, pay attention to your heart rhythm. If I accidentally have it too tight, I will start getting heart palpitations in the early evening. This is probably due to my mitral valve prolapse. I just want everyone to be aware of the possibility.

  • Were did you get this wrap and what does it cost and how do you know it helps the carbon dioxide retention?

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