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Hello all, i am on oxygen 24/7 i do have a home concentrator and i have tanks as well, i go thru 50 tanks a month, i am an outside person and i hate being indoors on nice days. i have a portable machine from a company that when i got it it did not work, the air compressor is shot and some other part is broke as well and this nameless company will not help and i have tried everything i can. i have been on a few sites to see if i could get a portable O2 machine donated to me because i cannot afford to get another one. i would love to get rid of this darn tanks and use a portable.n if anyone knows of a organization that would help me get a portable that would help... i cannot get one on my insurance so i will let you know that now.

thank you all for reading my rambling--if someone knows of any organization please contact me

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  • That kind of had that happen to me so I bought me a Inogen it's great I went thru my doc and they deal with someone co that co delivered to my house and showed me how it works I have 2 batteries one is 3 hour and one is 6 hour I love it

  • Will medicare pay for it?I would like to have that.

  • what would you like to have Florence72--if it is the machine i have that you want i do not really think you would like it and the repair bill. i want it repaired so bad but the funds are short so it will have to sit in my garage

  • medicare will pay for a portable if your oxygen stats are low 88 or below--when i wasw put on oxygen it is because i have 2 chronic lung deseases-stats are above 88 so medicare does not pay for the oxygen i get--my county does. you would have to get your doctor to submit your stats to medicare

  • No thank you I rather get it from a company.

  • i would not sell the machine i have--it is junk and buying from a good company new is a better idea

  • No I had to pay on my own credit I bought it with life time warranty so I don't have to worry about repairs payments run about 65.00 mo I think some ins co pay for it if it's a PPO I have HMO but this is a better machine than another one I have bought

  • Put the compamy of o2 on here and we can rally them to fix yours

  • i do not think it will work--they are pretty set on what they are doing, but the name of the company is 1st Class Medical out of Englewood Colorado i am in bad need of a portable machine. like i said this company sent me 4 total machines and all of them were loud and some were to big to be portable. this last one is a Evergo portable machine and is the perfect size if it had not been broken.

  • Let's try and get Evergo

    Fix them we have to go after the makers not the medical company you buy from. We can go on face book and any social media to plea with them to fix. They don't want bad press.

  • not sure what to do i sure can use help with all of this, i know i know nothing about fixing it or cannot afford to have it fixed myself. and owing 1400 dollars yet i am not even sure if i should continue making payments... i still think the medical company 1st Class Medical should just send me another machine and take this one back bu they allready told me that they would not take it back and it is mine and my responsibility. thats just not right

    if nayone know s what to do or knows a way to help me email me at

    mustang2516@yahoo.com i have been fighting with this company since Febuary of this year

  • I'd go to the maker of the Maker of the machine most machine has a 3 year manufactures warranty I've searched them before I bought one I'll would do research on yours if I knew when u purchased and what machine

  • i bought the machine from 1st class medical but i bought a refuribished one so the warrenty of the maker would more then likely be over... i bought a respironics evergo machine and i bought it back in febuary of this year... do not think there is much i can do. i do know i am ready to give up

  • that's what i had and it was a piece of crap....the alarm was consttantly going off. I purchased it brand new. too bad because i use a respronics bpap machine and it works great

  • all of those portables are noisy and loud. if you use anything over 2 lpm the batteries run out really fast in my opinion. I know the air tanks are heavy but so are the POC's i tried. I use a C size canniser in a backpack and it works great for me unless I have to go up to 5 lpm then they do run out pretty fast. it's just a part of our disease. We have to learn to live within the constraints. I have been on portable air for a decade now. good luck

  • lets do it Kay15143

  • Try, the lung association

  • what will the lung association do and how do i go about it and what do i say

  • write to them and tell them you need a POC and your problem. google the address

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