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Thanks for letting me in ya s group I'm at the end stage of COPD was told I had COPD bout two years ago but was not told what stage I was at. Four doctors and two lung doctors and a year an a half. Found a lung doctor that would tell me. Was I was at the end stage with 28 per send of my lungs. On oxegen 27/7 Haven smoked in a month. Can breath better but can tell I don't have the lung to us it.

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  • I have had copd for 17 years and now its much worse. im always short of breath and use the rescue inhaler a lot. I just turned 70 and i use advair spiriva and a nebulier. I was in pulmonary rehab for 7 years but they ran out of money and shut down. I just take one day at a time. Good luck to you I know its a horrible desease.

  • I was told a few months ago i have emphysema.. no idea where i'm at with it.. but will being specialist.. finally.. I will get some answers... might take me a while..but i am determined..so far all that's been scripted for me is oxygen 24/7 and ventolin inhaler.. ventolin doesn't seem to help sometimes and have been told that i'm not tolerating the oxygen therapy very well.. I could have told regular Dr. that.. In fact I think i did!!!! because i smoked for years and only had symptoms that could be blamed on other things.. we have no idea how i have suffered with this.. so it's a bit scary.. but i will not give up without a fight.. with or without support of loved ones..

  • Hi harveryfields. I hope you are doing somewhat better .. You really should look into trying probiotics and or cannibus oil it really does help

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