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I'm new here - Aerosure & Salt Cave for COPD relief - anyone used them ?

My Mother is 71 and has COPD, Asthma, Rhinitis & High Blood Pressure. As soon as she gets any kind of bug or virus she becomes terrible. Sneezing, chest infections, nose bleeds, cannot breathe and coughing.

I want to help her aside from the usual tablets and pumps and have been researching natural remedies in the sincere hope it may give her some quality of life back again.

All/any suggestions would be very appreciated.

I also looked at a breathing therapist too - any thoughts ?

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I am new to this site. I have had COPD for 17 years and it is now severe. With the pollen i have been having a hard time with shortness of breath. i've never been on oxygen but i think its coming.


when a patient is older in life infections will get worse. take it from me i am 38 years old and i'am watching my 65 year old husband with End Stage Copd battle everyday coughing and having breathing spells he's on predisnone for his lungs and three inhalers oxygen 24/7 at 4 liters all day long and when we are out he's on 2 liters continuous on pulse. the patients get nose bleeds due too the nose pieces dries out the nasal passage try too have your mom spray some saline which will make her nose moist and help against nose bleeds. The High Blood Pressure is due too the lungs working so hard from coughing medication can only keep it in check. you can try natural oils that like aromatheraphy help with COPD i'am looking into it for my husband there's a machine out there that is like a vaporizer that you can buy oils that will help soothe people who have copd too help them breathe easier .


It is called a diffuser - nebulizing humidifier - puts moisture in the air . Oils are used for sensory therapy - relaxation and or help breathing - depending on the oils used .

I also have COPD - was diagnosed in 2007 and was put on oxygen 24/7 in 2013 . I am 52 years old and was a smoker for 30+years. So yes it has changed my life completely. I also get bloody noses . Not so much a cough per say but definitely clogged sinuses. My nose runs when I am doing something or being active at all . Sometimes embarrassing and always a pain with a canula in your nose . I have 2 inhalers that I take daily also daliresp and a nasal spray for allergies . As well as an allergy pill . I also have a neb treatment I use as needed .

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