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Hello. I'm new here.


I found this site by chance. I read many posts. Very helpful. Thank you.

I have been diagnosed with COPD about 2 years ago and can't really come to terms with it.

I keep reading. Bit shy on posting.

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It's hard to come to terms with I'm finding it particularly difficult myself and I was diagnosed 4 years ago but with time I'm told it gets easier.i still smoked for a few years stupidly as I just couldn't stop so mine deteriorated very quickly so please if you smoke stop.As long as you watch your weight eat healthy drink lots of water and have regular exercise you can slow the progression down Im stage 3 copd emphysema with a lung volume of 45% and I'm only 44 so I'm worried also but people on this site and also the British lung foundation site have really helped me to begin to cope and see that there's plenty of time ahead of me so please don't get too worried just take it a day at a time.Take care of yourself.

How has your health been these past two years? Is your medication helping you breathe better?

Hi SadGis; Welcome to the site.

It can be a shock when you are first told you have it, I did alot of researching about it and the meds that are used for it. I decided that this wasn't anything different then the many challenges I had, had in my life already. So I take it head on, I have to do things a little different now but I get it done. Don't be shy about posting, we are here to help each other out. Have your doctor order pulmonary rehab, I'm waiting to get in but those I have talked with that have done this, tells me it's makes a world of difference in the breathing.

Make sure you wash your hands often and keep them away from your face. Drink lots of water and I also drink Power Aid which keeps my electro lites where they should be.

Take care and keep us posted.

Welcome to the group SadGis! We all share in a common bond and are here to help and support. You my friend are not alone in this.

Welcome, do what makes you comfortable.

Just keep reading you will find a wealth of information. when you are ready write down some questions that come up for you. Nice to make a list, so you wont forget. I've ten years in, very severe, and still learning by joining many websites. Might I suggest watching some videos by Noah Greenspan @Pulmonary Wellness.com Maybe joining a Pulmonary Rehab, besides the exercise you will learn they usually have classes. Good luck.....let us know how you are doing.

breathe well and happy trails

Do not be shy everyone says what they want, how bad is you COPD?

Hi dont be shy were all really friendly

I was diagnosed in 2013 with COPD and then Kung cancer - that's a long story. The thing that gets me is when I'm out in public and have a coughing fit - I KNOW people just don't understand but the looks make me feel SOOO bad! I'm thinking of getting at shirt made that reads "I'm NOT contagious - it's COPD"

I got diagnosed with copd last month just had my latest spit test and I'm improving on new medication but still only at fev1 65% I'm 33 so quite young to have this so also just looking for someone to talk to and some advice.

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