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Stoma wound reopened

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I had my stoma reversed on 10/28/20

Healing took awhile since in November I was on chemo every three weeks

However by late January it had healed

There was one scar reopen in late February but no other issue

5 weeks ago I was put on a new targeted chemo drug

I exercised on Tuesday and Friday last week and yesterday noticed it had opened slightly once again amd this time looks infected

I have a appointment with wound care nurse tomorrow and a blood check

Has anyone had this happen ?

I thought exercise was ok now I am not sure and worried


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Wounds can reopen if the area around it are put under pressure. Heavy lifting or exercise etc. And potentially your chemo could have weakened your bodies natural healing process too. And the scar tissue is already weak anyway.

As you have an appointment with the nurse so soon it should be ok as they can deal with it. Please don't worry. The worst thing you could have done is leave it, and you have not done that. You are seeing someone straight away.

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Supermary in reply to Paulpp

Thank you forReplying

I’m in the hospital they will take care of

It today

At least now

I know to be always aware even if

I think

It’s healed

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Paulpp in reply to Supermary

Don't start worrying and keep thinking it will open up after it has healed. I just meant the healing process may be slow with all you have been through and still going through.Once it does heal it will be ok and you should not have to worry about it. Sometimes these things take a long time to heal.

Sometimes it can be frustrating. I know. I have been through it.

Biggest and hardest thing is not to push yourself too hard, and never hesitate to contact your GP or hospital if you have any concerns.

I hope things are ok with your appointment today.

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