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Hi Dogbot here laying here in hospital at 1 o’clock in the morning with my head still getting round the fact of having a Stoma bag (this being my first week), one of the questions that has come into my mind is what sort of trousers do you where because from the bag hanging down you don’t want to cut the bag in half.

Can I only where tracking bottoms which I have never liked can’t think I can put jeans on silly question you may say because you all have had your bags for sometime ??

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Hi there , "welcome to the club" !!!!!!!!

I've had my colostomy for 28 years. the problem with mens trousers is they are made for men, not much room where the colostomy will go,where as women's do have room.,

when I started all those years ago I had a pair of trousers made "for best" they still fit, lucky.

I live in the lake district, so I tried climbing shops I found a pair of ladies black trousers perfect 2nd best!!!

I wear for ordinary every day use , walking trousers with elastic waist not joggers they are not the smartest thing ,but for daily life they are perfect

If I can help at all give me a shout

Best of luck


Thanks very much I will show the wife when she visits .

There are some funny things that go through the mind 😃


I've had my stoma nearly 4 years. Started off wearing sweat pants as it was comfortable on my stomach but now i wear jeans or chinos. I just simply tuck the hanging bag between my trousers and underwear. Also less pulling on your skin that way when the bag starts to fill. Good luck!

Hi Dogbot here

I’m in hospital after being fitted with my Stoma on the 12th now my problem is that my flow through the Stoma is to runny sorry about being to graphic has anyone got any idea about how to make them stiffer and slower 🤔??

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Hi, just seen your post, I have had my bag since April 2016, I tend to have quite runny output as I do drink loads of fluids as recommended and suspect this helps make it quite runny. I have been using Trio Peals sachets. for a number of years now and they seem to help. They are available in the UK on prescription. See Hope this helps.

Hello there old chap, me again.

you will have to ask your doc if you can have loperamide

For me it works well But don`t forget your system can take some time to settle down., also if you have any worries, your colostomy sister or nurse knows more about dealing with ostomy problems as this is their specialty


Hi Dogbot. you can try wearing tracky pants as long as they aren't a tight fitting.

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