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Would just like to say Hi!

Well.... Hello, I am a 48 year old married Mum of 2 from Lancashire in the UK. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer after emergency surgery for a perforated bowel. A Hartman's procedure was carried out and I was left with what is now a permanent colostomy. Unfortunately due to post operative complications my stoma herniated, with nothing to be done until I am 5 years cancer free. In 2015 and 2016 two further hernias were found on the opposite side of my abdomen. Life can be very difficult due to the herniation however I have experienced a whole spectrum of emotions reading some members stories. I thank you as it can and has certainly put my own circumstances into some sort of perspective. I look forward to contributing to the forum. I would be interested to hear other members who are experiencing or have experienced problems with parastomal hernias.

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Hi marnimoosmummy,

just want to say hello to you. I'm 43 and I have had an ileostomy since May 2016 due to an ovarian cancer tumour attaching itself to my large bowel. I have not experienced a hernia but am quite concerned about getting one.

Unfortunately not many people comment on here. I use the stomawise Facebook site which is really good for finding out information.

Hope you are well other than the hernias.

Mandy. Xx

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Hiya guys. I had an ileostomy Sept 2013 due to Ulcerative Colitis where things were so bad all my bowel department was removed. My anal entrance was fused together. I've got an hernia now which okay can become very tender. Regarding output mines never right as some days its like cream but usually runny so I insert a sachet to thicken the waste to a paste like substance which is easy to empty from the pouch when needed. You can obtain Flange extenders to stop panicking and also stop the pouch from detaching from your stomach.You can get samples from clinimed. Another good place for information is NHS Choices website and the Ulcerative Colitis website. I don't use Facebook. Good luck friends.


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Hi Mandy,

Thank you for your reply, I agree there are not many people who respond to posts I had almost given up hope for a reply and had stopped looking, so thank you. I hope your stoma keeps well. A support belt is great for keeping the site fit and well and going for a swim is the best exercise according to my stoma nurse.

I do not use Facebook that often but I will check out the Stomawise page.

I am ok at the moment I have just been diagnosed with PTSD, I am not keen on 'labels' but this just helps with benefits and keeping the DWP at bay. I have always worked and could not believe how difficult it was and is to get financial help.

Is everything ok with your tumour did they manage to remove it all or did you have chemo?

Keep well,

Nicola x