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Recently got results


Sorry for kind of long story

I was in car crash April 2 years ago .. From the start I was having bladder issues.. Unable to pass urine.. So would go a day without going then being taken to casualty to be catheterised and put in as inpatient for tests with mri etc for legs and back from walking issues also from crash.. Then told I would hear from urology.

Went back in again and again.. 2 weeks Inpatient .... Then released waiting..

Then back in next day to same ward as still can't go.. 8 times later and several referrals still nothing. So I saw my GP who was annoyed this was happening. Went back again to him but saw another dr who said

"It's all in your head the pain u just don't want to go"...

So this then became reason why I never got seen!

I was even catheterised during night by out of hours doc who said I would be seen 5 days later ... 3 weeks later still not seen and left with infection due to catheter being left in!

18 months later after in and out over 12 times..

I got an appointment .. But it was wrong doctor.. So then 4 months later I was eventually seen by urology as my nuerologist referred me.

Was given urodynamics test... Results

My bladder is unable to function due to excessive over stretching and there's no way to repair it and I need a urostomy bag.

I'm 28 and feel like my world has caved in

I'm catheterising 4 times a day in the mean time as been advised to wait as long as I can before this surgery..

Part of me is wanting to smack the doctor who said

It's all in your head.. The rest of me wants to sue the NHS !

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I feel for you... I had my bladder removed and the information I received was given to me by a drip... I felt the same now the muscles in my stomach are so weak that I have to wear a support belt all the time. Mine was due to cancer but I must say this having a bag is not the end of the world just make sure you strengthen The muscles in your stomach before the Op and do not do any lifting ever I really do wish you all the best and sympathise with you as I went through a similar experience heating Myself against a brick wall with different doctors