Living with a Stoma


Dont panic. There is a lot of info on the internet. Type in bladder and bowel foundation. Ring colostomy assoc. Having a stoma is no big deal. It may be temporary for three months to let the intestines heal and will be reversed.

I have opted for an ileostomy for incontinence. It will at least give me control over the toilet visits and I can ditch the nappies! Be brave, you will be fine.

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Thank you, x


Just about to have the reversal procedure . Things I wish I had been told ?

That you can bath and shower totally easily as the bag and surrounding fixture is totally waterproof . That don't squeeze all the air out of bag after emptying other rise you will 'pancake ' ( snail seepage around where bag sits ( I have two piece bag) . Insist on getting right bag asap . Don't be patient just keep asking for help . . Don't come out too early . I did just to get a good nights sleep but ended up going back in the next day as I just wasn't able to manage stoma bag .. Eventually found the right one !

Write things down . I was told too much the next day and I was still groggy after surgery and made bad mistakes .. Using baby wipes instead of just water on my stoma . Look at your stoma ! Don't be frightened of it . It's just you . You cant get germs .. It's your own germs already . Eat early otherwise your ' producing 'all night ! slowly introduce all foods .im eating everything now ! Much nicer than the bland low residue diet . If it gets to explosive have some mash potatoes or apple sauce or peanut butter to thicken . Much better than Imodium . if you gee to have a low residue breakfast . Don't be frightened to introduce new foods . Drink plenty of water .. Hot or cold with lemon. Seems to work for me ... Had no acid at all . Hope this helps ?


Question: I've always used the flushable wipes to clean the area especially when I'm at work or in public and not having a rag and water available. Why do you say not to use them?


maybe not a big deal to you but to me...well it is crap!!! I have had it since 2013 & i don't hardly eat so that I don't have diarhea (i have it constantly...bags lift & so I now wear a size 4 possibly son bought a new house for me, when we found out last year that I now have leukemia & I am so immune compromised that I cannot do anything, even go out to eat..if i do, I have to bring my food home & eat since it creates stool immediately...i do not have a stomach, I have a feeding tube (which I don't feed since it has started creating so much liquid stool) so don't say that it is no big deal unless u r so old you don't even understand what is happening to you!!!


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