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Do you have any tips for recovering from an Ileostomy op and how to manage your bag?

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I'm 23 and having a loop Ileostomy on the 12th. I'm not too sure of what to expect so Any tips would be a huge help to me! Should I expect to be in a lot of pain post op? Also, what is the recovery time like? Sorry there are so many questions :)


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Hello Kirsty, I am 54 and just got home after having an Ileostomy. I was no in pain post op, they used an epidural method so that for a few days after surgery I could not feel anything and it worked as I was in no pain.I am learning how to cope with the bag now I am home and still have my stitches as it could not be done keyhole. Recovery they told me,(Scotland) is about 3 months and I can drive in 6 weeks but that may be because I was opened top to bottom.. Please do not worry about the surgery they are very good and will keep you pain free.. Janey.

Hi Kirsty - I hope that your op went well? I am from the charity Ostomy Lifestle and we are here to help anyone affected by stoma surgery. If there is anything that I can answer for you or help you with then please don't hesitate in asking or if you would rather call our free condifential advice helpline,let me know and I will give you the number. I too have an ileostomy. :-)

Hi Kirsty. It is a year since may op. I can honestly say that in the beginning living with a bag was not very comfortable and I would panic at the smallest thing going wrong. After composing myself I would sort things out. On Thursday my bag leaked. I was not phased at all. I just got on and sorted it. How different thing are. Cured of UC and getting on with life, swimming, cycling and enjoying my family. Good luck it gets much better.

It is nice to hear bern65 - I feel exactly the same my UC would stop me doing things and I honestly feel more energetic and now know that it will never come back I can get one with life and enjoy myself and play all the sport I want!!

Hey. My name is Jeremy. I had ileostony surgery June 28th. I got 2 infections during my surgery. I was in hospital for 34 days n got called back after one day out for positive culture. But hopefully tomorrow I'll be out again. I have so many questions n concerns. If you don't mind I'd rather text 540+492-0175 Jeremy. But it's ok. I'm so scared n wanna know what else to expect

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