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hello everyone, I'm a 22YO female and for the last five months I've been in a rollercoaster cause of my bowel changes

it started with a pain and cramping on my left side and it lasted for 3 days after that my stool started to change , became yellowish and started to float, i had gas , terrible acid reflux and terrible nausea from now and then , just a little over month ago i had severe dark diarrhea almost black also green , i went to the doctor had some blood tests and it came back normal the doctor gave some medications and the diarrhea was gone after 2 days , my stool started to look normal in color and consistency but 2 days ago i had black stool and yellow mucous and some nausea, now I'm so worried that it might be something serious .

And also the pain in my left side never wnt away it just became more faint.

i googled my symptoms and it was a big mistake, please someone help me.

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Hello Hopes07

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to read about your symptoms and the anxiety it is causing.

When you went to the doctor - was that a primary care doctor or a specialist (gastroenterologist)?

Do you know what tests your doctor performed? It would be important for you to get a copy of the results of any tests your doctor performed.

Did you doctor say what to do if the pain continued?

I would suggest you first start by reaching out to the doctor you already saw, get as much information as possible as far as tests that were performed, and based on those results, what did they diagnose OR rule out as diseases you may or may not have?

Try to keep calm - there are so many possibilities for why there are bowel changes and discomfort and pain. If you keep being your own health advocate the hope is that you can get to the bottom of this issue and get treatment.

Please update with answers to the above questions when you have a chance.


~Nicole @ GCCA

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Hopes07 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

So i didn't go to the doctor but i did have a GSE and it returned normal no RBC no bacteria but there was some monillia , my stool is returning to normal little by little but i think this is happening cause i suffered covid19 right before all these digestive problems happened. I'm also taking omeprazole 20mg every two days to keep my stomach acid in control, i think all of these things in addition to the the mental state did affect my digestive system, i hope to get better in the months to come.

Thank you for the reply.

At your age Colon Cancer is high unlikely.

Can be either IBS or IBD, I have a question though.

Is your poop really black or maybe just dark brown? Dark is not a colour, Black is. Is it Dark Brown or Black?

All shades of brown are considered normal, dark brown happens with constipation or if you don't have a bowel movement daily, so the stool stays longer in the colon and gets darker, dark brown is a normal colour, as long as it's not too dark, if you can see the overall brown hue the colour is probably ok.

To be scary, stool has to be as black as it gets, like tar black (absolutely black) and has to be like that persistantly, also has to have a more mushy/liquid shape and an absolutely nasty smell.

Even Oreos can cause darker poop, so always watch what you eat before you get worried.

If the blood test came back normal then it's a good chance it's just IBS, but ask your doctor to investigate more in case.

I have IBS, you can pm me if you want to know the symptoms.

Best wishes.

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Hopes07 in reply to Dalph87

It wasn't that black but it was dark.

Fun fact , i did eat oreos the day before , the tests returned normal , no rbc in the stool which is abig relief.

Thank you for the reply.

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mondlee6248 in reply to Dalph87

Just to ask, if the stool is dark brown when u wipe with toilet paper but very very dark brown in the toilet, it’s that still consider brown??

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Dalph87 in reply to mondlee6248

How dark? Just search on Google "TAR" and see what I mean by Black coloured stool.

Brown stool is normal, even if dark brown, as long as it's not too dark to be close to black. If you see a predominantly brown hue, you're most likely ok.

Stool colour can vary greatly but there are still limits.

Light Brown is normal (as long as it's not too light to be yellow or pale).

Brown is normal.

Dark Brown is normal (as long as it's not too dark to be black).

Tarry Black is NOT normal and requires medical attention.

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