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Hey guys. Back in november 2013, i was diagnosed with intially stage 3 bowel cancer, reduce to stg 2 after op. Had chemo although it was voluntary n so have a few years left till i reach my 5. Id be more than happy to talk to guys from just being diagnosed all the way through to the various ends of the story. If u feel u wana ask questions, thats cool n ill try n answer them as best i can. I know irs not an easy subject to talk about at times and although the cancers the same, the person is always different and so is their story, Im not here to rub peoples noses in it, i respect what people say and what they dont, Im noone special n i dont judge or make assumptions so, if any of you wana say hi, thats cool and just take it from there. Theres always something we can learn even when we rhink we got all the answers. Im still learning and asking questions from time to time so, if u need a shoulder to cry on or need support or even, not talk about cancer but anything else n maybe have a laugh if only to give a temporary destraction, just message me n id be happy to chat. All the best guys, Toby.

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Thanks for this post. My mother has just had surgery and is waiting staging and decisions about further treatment. We should know on Friday what the situation is for her. It's really useful to have your offer of help. Thanks for being so generous.


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