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Colon Cancer Connected
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Can Anyone Relate to this?

I am a lady in my mid 70's who has/had ibs for many years... So many drs know so little about it...but I am thankful for forums. I have a dr's appt. tomorrow afternoon, but I would still like to ask you all this. Lately, this is getting so much worse which is my concern:

I will have a 'normal enough' bm without undue straining (usually) and shortly after I will get SO weak, and feel SO tired and sick all over... Does this happen to any of you before you were diagnosed with colon cancer?? I have no specific sharp pains, no blood in stool as far as I can tell (I sent in a hemocult test several days ago to be tested for blood in the stool)... I'm understanding this could simply be connected to the Vagus nerve... It usually takes me all day to get over this horrible sick, weak feeling...

I sincerely thank anyone for your responses...

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No . Im in my seventies too but do not get weak etc after normal bm .

I have has scan and stool sample as had blood in stool during a bad attack of ibsd but both negative....so just ibs..

I take immodium if need to go places ..meetings etc then will get pay back after a few days with urgency...etc etc. And thats when would get weak...hot ...sweatty.

I find motillium great for the nausea.

Good to see your doc though and I hope he is sympathetic !

Good luck with that

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No I didnt have weakness or sickness. Felt perfectly fine actually!


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