Medication for children?

My almost 4 year old daughter has cmt type 1a. Every night she wakes with cramps, this happens between 6-7 times a night and takes her a long time to go back to sleep. Nothing we've tried helps, such as hot water bottles and massaging her legs. Does anyone know of any medication that children are able to take that will help alleiviate some of the pain or at least help her sleep through the cramps?

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  • Hi, the only thing that helps me through the cramps is loads and loads of fluids but then toilet visits are needed!!! horrible condition

  • Thanks Paulina. I heard someone mention bananas are supposed to help but I never noticed a difference and I can't get her to eat them anyway. The sleepless nights are starting to get to her (and me) and shes supposed to start school in september so she's just going to get even worse cramps and sleep less! Not fun.

  • Hi there, I used to suffer terribly with cramps in my calves at night. Im sure one of my consultants said to me about eating bananas ( something to do with the potassium) . When I get a bad bout of night cramps I eat a banana a day and it really seems to help. Perhaps its worth a try, you could try mixing banana with custard or yoghurt or make a milkshake or smoothie. I have become very good at disguising certain foods for children. The only other thing you could do is go to a health shop and see if they can advise you of anything. Good luck.

  • Hi there, my 17 year old son has CMT type 1a the same as me, He suffers with painful leegs at night and the doctor prescribed some medication, I take the adult version pregablin... which helps with the cramps and nerve pain...not sure what his medication is called maybe ask your doctor about it... hopefully you'll be able to get some help... there is no fun been in pain

  • Hi there. My little boy is nearly 2.5 and he has type 1a too. He has more recently started to complain and cramps in his arms and legs and yes this seems to be more so at night. I read somewhere about bananas helping and so hes been having things like bananas and custard or a smoothie. The other thing that seems to help dull the ache a bit is Junior Ibuprofen although this doesnt help all the time, more so to help him settle a bit more. Its horrible to watch your children in discomfort so I hope you find something to ease it soon. All the best.

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