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Cloudy with a Chance of Pain
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Neuropathic pain as result of numerous surgeries

hi. I am new to this and found website as I was looking to see what options were out there to help with this pain situation. I had an I-gap procedure in 2013 followed by a couple of revisions to the flaps. As a result I have chronic pain which is constant. I have seen a pain management consultant who suggested a TENS Machine. He did a nerve block injection which failed. His last suggestion was that I go on morphine . At that point I stopped going to see him and have been struggling with it ever since. My colo-rectal consultant, who is excellent, referred me to a pain specialist he knows and I am now waiting for an appointment - it will be 2-3 months! I currently take Gabapentin, co-coda mol, Amitriptylene and fluoxetine. I have bupronorphine for when pain spikes. Does anyone have any suggestion please. I am becoming desperate as well as depressed. Thanks for reading this. T.

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Hi not sure what the surgery was but those drugs are all used for Fibromyalgia which can start as a result of surgery


I have no idea what procedure you have had I tried looking them up but couldn't reconcile I-gap with a colo-rectal surgeon.

The medication you describe in my experience is used for chronic pain. Gabapentin works for some it did relive my pain but left me with suicidal thoughts so that was the end of that.

Chronic pain as a result of surgery is really hard to come to terms with - mine is a result of lifting injuries hilts working for the NHS. There is a degree of resentment, and you are early out so won't have reached the state of acceptance. I think that there is a period of grief as well - for the life you had hoped to lead which has been snatched away in some ways.

Pain management teams have different approaches and I was reticent to have morphin type medication but after surgery not at all related to my pain whereby I didn't absorb medication in the same way I found analgesic patches. Butrans which is buprenorphine - Really helped me till I developed an allergy to the adhesive. I now have one particular brand of fentanyl. Doesn't take the pain away completely but leaves it more level somehow no peaks and troughs in the same way as solely oral medication.

Take care I hope that you find the way that works for you xx

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A genuine detailed summary. Exactly what I've been through and your advice is spot on. πŸ‘

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Hi Frannie I was left with chronic nerve pain following surgery too. It took 12 months to get a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The constant burning and nerve pain doesn't go away, even with the meds. The meds take some of the pain away and I also use a Tens machine which help too. It's a fine balance but keep going till you find what works for you. I also do mindfulness meditation which helps me centre myself when the pain is bad. I concentrate on my breathing which which slows me down. This may help you with the pain and depression. Don't give up πŸ˜ƒ


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