Mixing prescription and natural remedy

Mixing prescription and natural remedy

Hi, I am new to commenting.

I have pain in hips( replacements) and knees > I have started to experiment with Ginger Root extract capsules and One Paracetamol and for me it is working. I only take the Paracetamol when I am in pain. It works at this low dose even on a bad day. I sometimes take ibuprofen but the side effects on stomach are not worth it!

The weather definitely affects me. Today e.g. I started with a lot of pain until I had done my usual exercises, breakfast and dosed up. Now at approx. 4 pm I still have very little pain.

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  • Hi, I've not heard about Ginger Root extract capsules how do they work and where do you get them from? I take Co codamol for my pain as I find paracetamol doesn't do anything for me.

  • I get them from my local Health Food shop, Holland and Barrett- they are not exactly cheap but they often have special offers. I think Ginger is a natural painkiller. I don't know how they actually work, just that they do for me. I too found Paracetamol alone does not work and lots of other pills give me stomach pains etc. so just tried this as an experiment! I try to avoid pills as much as possible but the cold, damp weather we have had this last week has not been good!

    I also find that I need to keep exercising - walking about 30mins a day and some simple stuff I found on the Internet about exercising after hip replacements. One thing sure is sitting around for long spells is BAD!!

  • I agree so much about inactivity making things worse. I'm my 96 year old mother's carer who has an orange badge for our car. After only a few minutes in the back of the car I walk so badly everyone thinks I'm the disabled one!

  • Thank you for this info, I might add this in and see where it takes me. I'm on fentynl patches which when due for change, really let me know, and I couldn't do without them at all, but still have a lot of additional joint pain esp knees and hips.

    How potent/ what strength are they and how many do you take /day please so I can see about costs etc

    Thank you!

  • Suggest you got to the shop and get advice from their trained staff. the 500 bottle is about £8 but they often have special offers so worth a look. dosage is 2 a day. My last lot seem to have lasted ages, probably because I sometimes forget!!

  • Thank you!

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