Intro: Targeted drugs for Lymphoma ... what's a pathway?

Intro: Targeted drugs for Lymphoma ... what's a pathway?

Karl from USA based Patients Against Lymphoma, has just posted a brief but informative article, written in layman's terms, describing how targeted drugs (e.g. antibodies and pathway inhibitors) work at:

This is well worth a read if you appreciate being informed on how these drugs that you may one day be advised to take, specifically target cancerous cells. There's also a list of new targeted drugs at the end of the article.

As Karl says, the information is provided as an aid to informed consent.

The Patients Against Lymphoma website also maintains a "What's New" page that provides information on new lymphoma research including CLL/SLL along with a clinical trials finder and much much more that I'm sure will be of interest.

A site well worth bookmarking!



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  • SNAP :-)

    Hi Neil

    Karl Schwartz is pleased to allow us to share his posts. Now I know you get his notifications, I'll leave it to you to post his choice articles. :-)

  • Thanks to both of you, for this information.

    We'll let this "snapping" of blogs go, as it must be so hard for you Neil, to read this from so far away!!!

    Best wishes to you the two of you.

    sparkler x

  • Yes, it takes 1/3 of a second for me to 'ping' the site from here and web pages probably take a few seconds longer to load than for you locals. The real problem is that I have to do what Nick does while standing on my head!

    Thanks for your understanding and wishes!


  • Ah, of must be so difficult for all of you down there! Here we have our heads in the clouds......mind you, the clouds are usually very low.

    Don't get a head rush.

    sparkler x

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