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News about the new drugs being trialled for CLL.

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The latest edition of Clinical Oncology is worth a read and can be read on-line. There is a digital edition you can click on to display full screen.

There are details about a new Hematologic Oncology Society being formed. Plus several long articles about the newer drugs such as Ibrutinib with comments from Claire Dearden, MD, the head of the CLL Unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

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I start my FCR this Wednesday under Dr Dearden at the Marsden. I wonder if she might consider me for some Ibrutinib, sounds very promising.

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littleriver in reply to MarkTC

I hope so, keep us postedplease and God be with you.

For MarkTC

I believe that there are some drug trials of Ibrutinib going on in the UK. Check the CLLsupport web pages or ask Nick Parks. Otherwise take a treatment that would hold you for about two years, until these new drugs become available.

Good luck

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The ibrutinib trials will likely be for second line relapsed/refractory CLL.

Here are the current UK trials

Want some.

Hi let's hope for newer less toxic drugs.

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