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Introduction to targeted drugs

Introduction to targeted drugs

CLL/SLL is classified as a type of NHL by the World Health Organisation. This is an interesting article written by Karl Schwartz of it may aid your understanding of targeted drugs. This is an easy understand overview of the topic. remember some of the drug listed are not for CLL/SLL .

Introduction to targeted drugs for Lymphoma

intro posted in Yahoo groups, forwarded with Karl's consent:

intro: targeted drugs for Lymphoma ... what's a pathway?

Targeted drugs might be defined as compounds (chemical or proteins)

that bind to a part of a tumor cells in order to have an anti-cancer effect.

Our goal is to foster a general understanding of how the novel targeted

agents for lymphoma are thought to work - as an aid to informed consent.

Targeted drugs to treat cancer work in many different ways - commonly by

interfering with a pathway that supports the growth or persistence of the

abnormal cells. A pathway is like a system in an automobile that controls

how the car works ...

Lymphomation. org:

(with links to trials for targeted agents)

Bcc: advisors for guidance as always.

All the best,

~ Karl

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