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Why is there a variation in adherence to treatment guidelines?


I'm sure we all wonder at times whether we are getting the appropriate level of care from our medical teams, particularly when we read of others' experiences on forums like this one. Even after considering the variation due to our country of residence, staging and medical history, etc. there are differences between practices.

While not CLL specific, below is an interesting blog by an oncologist that examines several possible reasons for variations in care between practices - and how the oncologist handles a difference in treatment protocol initiated when a new patient arrives.

“How Do I Say This Nicely? Your Oncologist Wasn't Following Guidelines” :



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Although there can be differences between Dr's views there is also the differences between patients and what is right for one is not always right for another. When my consultant was asked when does he know when to start treatment he said that its an art form not a science.

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