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Forbes says: "With So Many Terrific New Drugs For Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), Why Worry?" I say it's a Tempest in A Teapot


The Forbes article has received much play and with the able help of our friend Andrew Schorr, makes a good point about avoiding a rush to unneeded therapy just because we have new less toxic drugs.

I write a long referenced commentary on my blog why this is likely a minor concern but should definitely be an area of future study.

Thanks. We are all in this together.


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Thanks Brian!

Members can read this community's responses to the Forbes article here:



Brian, thanks for your measured and sensible response. It is hard to stay sensible when faced with only the chemo option. I have had two lots of FCR, five years apart and have permanent bone marrow damage from the second one. Agree totally with you about trialling the new drugs as front line therapy asap.


Yes Mollyfletcher, I agree.

I completed 6 rounds of FCR (which was the best option for me at the time) as some trial results were very new with limited long-term remission data. When I need further treatment (hopefully not for at least 3 years) I will opt for a non-chemo treatment option to reduce further damage issues.


Brian, Another great blog! I shared the link with Patient Power's CLL Facebook page. Figured you wouldn't mind.... :)


Thanks. Andrew Schorr and his team does great work for the CLL community.


Need study for early treatment to prevent richters transformation


Yes and we need early treatment study to see if it lowers all cause mortality, in other words do we live longer with early intervention.

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