With low grade CLL how does spread to the liver manifest itself ?

CLL diagnosed 6 months ago after blood tests. Until recently, no symptoms. In recent weeks,

when eating an evening meal, a vibration in the stomach/liver region sets in. I fear the CLL has began to spread to the liver. The discomfort fades fairly quickly. My next review with the haematologist is not till March. They have been optimistic so far and I am reluctant to sound alarmist. A reaction to eating is mentioned in what I have read, but I have not seen a reference to my sort of 'complaint'.

Have you any views? I would be grateful to know. Someone has actually reported problems with vibration, but in his legs.


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  • Infiltration in the liver is on the cellular level, basically it gets bigger... It might be enlarged lymphnodes, there are many in the body in that area. They could be restricting the stomach, intestine, etc Certainly, contact your doctor soon, to find out what is going on. ~chris

  • Thanks. I expect you are right. I am merely anxious to hear something less positive after the initial optmism.


  • Could be totally unrelated to CLL, so get it checked out

  • Thanks. Just trying to get an early appointment with the heamatologist to find out

    what the cause may be.

  • Keep fit. If the liver is healthy, it can keep the CLL cells away.

  • Thanks. Hopefully the condition of my liver will be examined and found to be healthy.

  • Hi Can only agree with get an early appointment. They may send you for a scan (CT or ultrascan). Good Luck

  • Thanks. Managed to get an appointment for Tuesday with the heamatologist. Their first reaction over the phone was that it was unlikely to be connected with the CLL, and I should see my GP, which would have taken longer, so I am glad the specialist will see me first. Fingers crosssed.

  • Perhaps still make an appointment with the GP because if its not connected with CLL then the GP can examine you and if necessay send you for a scan

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